K&T’s S1/S2
Kahneman and Tversky's S1 & S2 evaluates how gut reaction (S1) and simple analytics (S2) play into every decision. Make sure your team is using both and you’ll solve problems faster and keep teammates happier.
Record what's not working. It’ll give you compost to grow something great next season.
I failed to [ ].
I observed that [ ].
Next time I might try [ ].
Grove's Leverage Points
Grove's Leverage Points move you from turning a small gear quickly to turning a large gear slowly. Leverage Points will keep you well-groomed and well-dressed and keep your Black Box humming.
Performance Review
The manager's output = the output of their team. Therefore, a manager's job is to make the team as awesome as possible. Performance Review is the highest leverage act the manager has for doing this.
You're a professional manager. Wildcard is how you play one of your own special tricks, learned from hard experience. Don't worry if others imitate it — that just increases your manager power score.
Creative Studio
You can organize your work with Creative Studio. Gather your team together and let cross-divisional collaboration flourish. Watch your productivity gauge, though — Creative Studio is more fun than it is efficient. It's for generating original ideas not making things at scale.
Industrial Revolution
Civilization depends on you. No pressure. This was all possible because of entrepreneurs and great general management. So general management matters a lot.
You can organize your work with Factory. Assign specific jobs, organize your raw materials, and build stuff efficiently. It's a powerful way to scale production systems. Be careful with Factory, though — it can increase stress and decrease human happiness.
Minto's Pyramid Principle
Barbara Minto is a hero of capitalism. She taught us how to organize our thoughts, starting with SCQA and transitioning into a logical pyramid. Minto-izing can fix your communication and your thinking. Communicating poorly stunts your growth. Doing it well opens up opportunities.
Andy Grove's Objective-Key Results framework is a magic elixir. It is the solution to every problem, in every business, always. Define and align OKRs and you'll move in the direction you want, together. Objectives are big, strategic goals that move you closer to your desired end state. Key results are measurable, time-bound and specific evidence that you’re making progress towards those goals.
Grove's Black Box
The Black Box can define every process in your business.

Input → Process → Output.

Cut holes in the Black Box to tell how you’re doing.
Pyramid Organization
Gordon MacKenzie's Pyramid Organization divides employees into hierarchies and specialties. Leadership sits on top, applying management downward. If you build a Pyramid, watch out for decreases in collaboration and creativity.
Plum Tree Organization
Gordon MacKenzie's Plum Tree Organization encourages organic collaboration. Leadership is a trunk, supporting creators. If you build a Plum Tree be ready for the hard question: how do you know any work is getting done?
Beck's Cognitive Behavioral Theory
Psychologist Aaron Beck taught us that how someone behaves is impacted by their worldview, future expectations, and self image. If you understand how your teammates interpret the world, you can help them be more productive.
Drake's Equation
Frank Drake created a formula to help people from wildly different backgrounds talk about the search for extraterrestrial life. Use the same method to help your team collaborate on complicated problems.
Your time is a valuable resource. Don’t waste it on tasks that someone else could nail at a salary your business can afford. Play Hire to grow the team and keep your focus where it's needed.
Fire can increase your productivity and increase team morale. If your teammate is underperforming ask yourself: if you were hiring the position today, would you choose her or him? If no, time to make the change.
Empathy Exercise
Empathy Exercise will help your group members see each other as humans.
I am having a hard time with [ ].
I need help to [ ],
so that I can [ ].
War Room
Your business is at a crisis moment. You need all your brainpower and resources in War Room, preferably with a big map, a shit-ton of thumbtacks, and a red phone. It's time to win the battle.
McCallum's Five Duties
  • Get people to work together to common goals
  • Give people the right amount of responsibility
  • Make sure the job gets done
  • Know how things are going and improve
  • Respect others
Are you fulfilling your sacred duties?
1:1 Meeting
There is no replacement for time alone with your teammate. Play 1:1 Meeting to learn about her cognitive behavioral model, review performance, or to get updated on progress. You’re a manager now — the job is other people. OKRs can be your guide.